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Drizzle Truffle Ganache Docker Box

This box followed the official drizzle tutorial (, but built on top of docker/docker-compose.

There are two docker services in docker-compose:

  • ganache-cli (located at /ganache/..):

    • Build on top of the official ganache image trufflesuite/ganache-cli:latest
    • Modified ENTRYPOINT to run script, so that everytime ganache restarts, the same Ethereum accounts were created.
    • Port 8545:8545
  • truffle-drizzle (located at /truffledrizzle/..)

    • Build on top of node:10
    • During the build stage, it will perform the following in order:
      • Install truffle
      • Move contract files
      • Move React files.
      • npm ci
    • During the run stage, it will perform the following in order:
      • truffle build
      • truffle test
      • truffle migrate
      • copy compiled contracts to the react project
      • run the react project
    • Note that since we created a volume for the React project (- ./truffledrizzle/client/src:/client/src), the front end code supports hot editing.

A few more things worth to mention: builds the docker images according to docker-compose-dev.yml starts the docker-compose as defined in docker-compose-dev.yml creates a temp node container, in case we want to modify package-lock.json. (This project does not require node to be installed on local machine! :)