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Drizzle tutorial with React Hooks


I created a complete React Hooks version of this Drizzle tutorial.

DApp demo

You will need to install Node.js and Truffle, as stated in the tutorial - see "Setting up the development environment".

See the ReactJS guidance on using hooks and Drizzle for further details on implementing hooks in your project.

To get this box

  1. Create a new directory.

  2. In the new directory, run truffle unbox atkinsonholly/Drizzle-tutorial-with-React-Hooks. This should pull the box contents to the new local directory.

After unboxing

In the client directory:

npm install

In the main project directory:

truffle develop

Then, in the Truffle developer console:


and then:


To test your smart contract(s), in truffle's developer console:


Now that you have successfully launched your Solidity contract onto your local blockchain, go into the client directory:

cd client

Run the project by entering the following:

npm start

To see your project in the browser, go to http://localhost:3000/

You can test your DApp by entering the following:

npm test


You may need to install Xcode to use this box on macOS, see node-gyp on Github. The following command may be useful if you encounter issues with this: xcode-select --install.