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Truffle Box for React using Hooks

This Truffle Box is a base for working with the Truffle framework and React. It provides a working example of a simple counter contract with corresponding react components.


In order to run the Truffle box, you will need Node.js. Version 10.x.y works best and I've found it helpful to install nvm ( In order install these dependencies, you will also need Python (version 2.7.x) and git. You will also need the MetaMask plugin for Chrome.


  1. Install truffle and an Ethereum client. If you don't have a test environment, I recommend ganache-cli
    npm install -g truffle
    npm install -g ganache-cli
  2. Run your Ethereum client. For Ganache CLI:

    Note the mnemonic 12-word phrase printed on startup, you will need it later.

  3. Download the box.

    truffle unbox BrannanC/react_hooks_box

  4. Make sure truffle-config.js is configured to use your test environment.

  5. This box is configured to automatically compile and migrate, but you may need to run the command again or truffle migrate --reset if there were any snags in the unboxing process.

    truffle compile && truffle migrate


  1. In order to connect with the Ethereum network, you will need to configure MetaMask
  2. Log into the ganache-cli test accounts in MetaMask, using the 12-word phrase printed earlier. A detailed explaination of how to do this can be found here
  3. Point MetaMask to ganache-cli by connecting to the network localhost:7545


  1. Dependencies are automatically installed with Yarn. Run the app using Yarn:

    yarn start
    The app is now served on localhost:3000

  2. Making sure you have configured MetaMask, visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser.


  1. Truffle can run tests written in Solidity or JavaScript against your smart contracts.

    truffle test

  2. Jest is included for testing React components. Compile your contracts before running Jest, or you may receive some file not found errors.

    // ensure you are inside the app directory when running this
    yarn run test


  1. To build the application for production, use the build script. A production build will be in the app/build folder.
    // ensure you are inside the app directory when running this
    yarn run build


  • Where can I find more documentation?

    This box is a marriage of Truffle and a React setup created with create-react-app. Either one would be a great place to start!