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Corda workspace overview

Ganache supports development with Corda, an Open Source Blockchain Platform for Business. View the Ganache quickstart for information on creating a Corda personal development blockchain.

For Corda technical documentation not related to Ganache head over to Corda's official documentation.

Main interface

Once you've created a workspace, the screen will show some details about the nodes on the network.


*Corda Nodes*

There are five pages available:

  • Nodes lists the nodes and notaries on the network.
  • Transactions displays a list of all transactions
  • CorDapps lists all CorDapp jars installed on the network.
  • Shell provides Corda CRaSH shell access to each node and notary.
  • Logs shows the logs for the Ganache server, nodes, and notaries, which is useful for debugging.

You're up and running!

This guide got you started with a zero-config personal Corda development network. If you have an existing CorDapp project whose CorDapp transactions you'd like tracked in this workspace, check out the Linking a CorDapp Project documentation. If you just need to customize some options and save this workspace for later, check out the Creating Workspaces documentation.