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Truffle Teams quickstart

This page will take you through the basics of creating a Truffle Teams account and linking it to a Truffle project repository.

Note: Before you begin, make sure you have a GitHub repository containing a Truffle project.

Table of contents

  1. Creating an account
  2. Starting builds
  3. Deploying contracts

Creating an account

To start, navigate to Click on LOGIN WITH GITHUB. If you're not already logged in to your GitHub account, Github will prompt you to do so.

If you are a member of any organizations other than your personal account, you'll be prompted to select an org to continue with installation. Orgs with an existing Truffle Teams installation will have a Configure > link.

Truffle Teams DATA view

Next you'll be asked for permission to link Truffle Teams to one or more of your GitHub repositories. Select the repositories you wish to add and click continue. Select either All repositories to add all repos in this account/org to teams or Only select repositories to select individual repos from the dropdown.

Note: We can always add a repo later if necessary. See the Adding repositories documentation for more informaiton.

Finally, click Install to install Truffle Teams on the selected repositories.

Why do we need certain permissions? Please see the Permissions disclosure section for a full breakdown of why we're asking for each permission.

Truffle Teams DATA view

We then arrive at the home screen and see the repos we've added--let's commit some code and see how Truffle Teams will automatically run our tests!

Starting builds

Builds will start automatically once a new commit is pushed to any branch of a repository added to Truffle Teams. You will see the build queued in both the Truffle Teams interface on the BUILDS page and on GitHub with the commit itself.

Build in Progress in both Truffle Teams and GitHub

Deploying contracts

Please see our detailed guide, "Learning to Deploy with Truffle Teams".

Continue learning

This quickstart showed you the basics of the Truffle Teams testing workflow, but once your contracts are deployed there's more to learn about monitoring deployed contracts.

We're in a cycle of rapid development; constantly adding new features and refining existing ones. If you run into any glitches or bugs, please raise an issue on the Truffle Teams GitHub repository. To get notified of the latest updates consider signing up for the Truffle Teams mailing list.